Dragon City: 3 advices for newbies


In every game, there is knowledge and in-game related tricks that we acquire with time. Throughout your adventure on Dragon City, you’ll gain experience and know what’s working and what’s not. However, it’s possible to adopt a better approach from better results. It’s better to make a research and benefit from other player’s experiences to have a good start on Dragon City.

Today we will give some advices to start your Dragon City adventure properly.

1-Less decorations, more buildings

When you’re starting, you have to exploit your islands space in the best possible way. Do not bother yourself with decorations and useless customizations, focus on buildings that generate resources. Later on, when you’ll have the financial means and resources, you can put on some decorations to complement the style of your island.

The more buildings you got, the more gold you’ll get. Fill every vacant space in your island with buildings that’ll bring your more resources in the future.

2- Use your gems to unlock islands

Unlocking islands is the best gem investment you can make. More islands means more building opportunities that you can fill with buildings and gain gold and food in the future. Of course, you have the possibility to purchase special dragons and other stuff, but in the beginning it’s important to focus on resources growth rather than complementary items.

You need to think on the long and mid-term when things will be far more competitive and when every slight advantage can make you win.

3- In-game networking

Dragon city has a neighbor feature that can get you a lot of bonuses, which means that it is in your best interest to make as much friends as possible. In order to do, you should rely on social platforms like Facebook where there are many exchange groups. These groups gather people that are passionate about Dragon City, where they exchange their knowledge but also become in-game neighbors to unlock the special bonuses related to that.

It is on the most important aspects of the game that really motivates you and make your gaming experience more enjoyable. It’s always better enjoy the game with people that have the same interests as you. You’ll prosper quickly and gain more knowledge about the game and learn many tips and tricks.

In the end, we would like to remind that everything requires dedication and devotion. If you’re really devoted to Dragon City and spend a lot of time improving your skills and assets, you’ll surely have a great success in the game.